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Jiangsu Zomglobe Group
Jiangsu Zomglobe Group
Established in 1992 and located in Yixing, a historical and cultural city in China,Jiangsu Zomglobe Group Co., Ltd now has fifteen wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, two testing center and one research institute through acquisition, restructuring and expansion. The main business involves in high-temperature materials, metallurgical auxiliary materials, investment, mining and alloy , real estate, finance and other......
High-temperature materials industry sector: metallurgy, glass and other industries supporting the refractory, metallurgical auxiliary materials
Mineral resource: molybdenum mining production line, copper, lead, zinc mining, magnesite , gold mining exploration and production of metallurgical limestone
Financial trade: small loan companies.
Real estate plate: Including the development and sale of commercial housing.
Office:0510-87568563 0510-80330019 Fax:0510-80330021 0510-87561068
E-mail:zomglobegroup@163.com Address:Qingyuan Road in Yixing city of Jiangsu Province
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